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Licence de marque

Vous souhaitez lancer l'une de nos marques dans votre ville? Prenez contact avec nous ! | Tél : 06 68 03 79 35

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The healthy, colorful and tasty reinvented spring roll.

100% homemade, eco-friendly

and unique recipes renewed each season.

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Healthy & Yummy!

Verdura is the healthy version of pizza.

100% veggie, homemade and eco-friendly

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Sushi logo XXL-2.png

The veggie sushi imagined to offer a premium and unique tasting experience. Innovative and gourmet signature recipes.

100% veggie & ecofriendly

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roll factory logo XXL.png

Picky Spring's little brother offers healthy and colorful Vietnamese rolls straight inspired by the world of manga. Healthy and delicious traditional recipes

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Une formule 

Breakfast All Day XXL-7.png

A complete brunch formula, from salty to sweet, including drinks, everything is well thought out to not miss anything like at the hotel .

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Rainbow Juice.png

It is now possible to drink all the colors of the rainbow with Rainbow Juice!

Our signature recipes or your tailor-made creations are 100% natural, fresh and seasonal.

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